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Olivia Developer here :slight_smile:

The data i collect is to make application experience better, also i don’t sell this data anywhere, as there is no way this data could be useful for any purpose. It took more than a year to make Olivia how it looks today. I have reasons why i need the information about the users who are using olivia, specially i want know how much time people spend using my app, this i put there so i can see if people are interested and using this app. i received few bucks in donation while i see 5k plus users in metrics. to make communication much better now Olivia has a connect to developer option where users can directly message me and tell me the issues they are facing if they are lazy to open an issue in github for any reason.


Youtube module in Olivia do not send your ip when you interact with it, your requests are made to my server and my server have a wrapper to send your request t youtube API hiding your identity, so chill Olivia is protecting you from being tracked. Also i myself don’t track any user for these requests on my server.


@keshavnrj thank you to clarify this.

@Rocky-IV thank you for notify the info :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::grin:


Thanks for clarifying @keshavnrj.

Really like this player so I had to make a post on the DLN forums too:

Def going to donate a few $ to this project.

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What quality is the audio? Will there be a mini player? [EDIT: there’s a mini player widget, that’s great!]

So far I’ve used Plex, since I have my songs on my SSD/phone. I don’t like Spotify because of ads and the bitrate is a bit crappy. Right now Plex lacks the mini player (plexamp).

Looking neat. I will definitely try it. I am currently using Plex as well, to organize songs ripped from CDs, Tidal to MP3 songs, and purchased iTunes music. It would be great if Olivia is smaller, and has a great organizing feature.

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welcome @sourpatchkid to the community.

feel free to ask questions, because there are no stupid questions in this forum!

Sounds great. Would love to try it out later. And now I am on Plex to control my music files, like Spotify to MP3 audios, Tidal audios, Apple Music files, etc.

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Welcome Aboard!