Excellent Elegant Music Player - Olivia


New forum member here. Just want to bring attention to the Olivia package available in AUR.
In my opinion it’s much better than Spotify and all the others. Try it out and leave an opinion.
Better yet input your vote on Arch-AUR!


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spotify is a bad examplle =-) spotify is a subscription a service like apple music or something else … :slight_smile: this cloud i dont know mayby i try out but i dont listen often :slight_smile:

Olivia download it’s source music from You-Tube in backend. Nice thing I’ve found is theres no trackers. Also zero advertising & no popups to upgrade to paid etc.
This is where open-source shines.
I do hate using web-browsers to listen to music. Olivia is installed on my desktop & laptops - -

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For this gorgeous advertising here, we need also the github, gitlab … adress.

Why should everyone have to search for themselves?
Is there somewhere more clicks in the web search engines?

How you checked this?

Again, where is this open source?

YouTube is … g00gle, no trackers or something? How?

No offense, only one interested vlc user :slight_smile:

it has the github adres :slight_smile:

I disagree, I stay with Spotify.

Likewise and as appropriate, welcome @Rocky-IV :slight_smile:

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Hello SGS

The GitHub url link is in my original post. This way you can contact the developer keshavbhatt

Thanks for adding the link to the github page.

Again, how do you know and check this.?

I’ve submitted a query on GitHub
As soon as I’ve received a reply from the developer on Github will input here.
We all know Google tracks everything if you use Chrome or Chromium web browser.

You wrote, ’ I’ve found is theres no trackers.’

So no answer needed from developer.

If I use a ‘app’ (no Browser, Chrome, Firefox …) from AUR and I do not know what’s inside the code, I know nothing.

I mean no offense, just a suggestion.

Do you check the ‘no tracker’ or do you believe the advertising?

youtube-dl on desktop and Newpipe on Android both don’t track you and are FOSS.

I don’t trust advertising > Only trust facts, much like yourself … If your not sure; Trust No One!


Seems it is top secret how you check.
So it is not good for AUR and me.

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In open source each users advocate in whay they use. Is nothing wronng with and its ok. But stretch the tracker thing, its also a pointless discussion. Thank you :+1:

It only dragged on because he didn’t comment on how he tested it.
So it doesn’t help to delete his claim that he didn’t find any trackers from his post.
What does youtube-dl or Newpipe have to do with this?

I wouldn’t have written a single post here if the first post had looked like this.

Translation from deepl text.
Es hat sich nur in die Länge gezogen weil er sich nicht dazu äussert wie er das getestet hat.
Da hilft es auch nicht seine Behauptung, er hätte keine Tracker gefunden, aus seinem Beitrag zu löschen.
Was hat youtube-dl oder Newpipe damit zu tun?

Ich hätte hier nicht einen einzigen Beitrag geschrieben wenn der erste Post so wie jetzt ausgesehen hätte.

is fine, don’t the program is tracked. common sense youtube track every ip :slight_smile:

For everyone that’s beyond paranoid here is the answer from Olivia Developer.

Re: [keshavbhatt/olivia] Olivia Privacy (#74)

Keshav Bhatt notifications@github.com
9:45 AM (2 hours ago)
to keshavbhatt/olivia, me, Author

olivia only takes data about country, Os, architecture, and duration player is being used nothing else.

You are receiving this because you authored the thread.

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@Rocky-IV thank you for informing. ! :rocket: :rocket:

The thing with telemetry is that once it’s there you need to trust that what they say today also applys in a year from now.
I know how important telemetry can be for developers but the data collected here doesn’t seem to be development related at all?
In any case I prefer software which is upfront with telemetry and tells me what’s going to happen upon install or even better allows me to opt out. This doesn’t seem to be the case here?

This thread also serves as a perfect example how one “lose” sentence can drag the conversation topic in a completely differrent direction :slight_smile:


As I just joined this forum and this was my 1st post - - Definitely puts a sour taste in my mouth regarding comments!

I 'm thinking of deleting my account on this forum do to comments posted. I’m not forcing members to install anything !!!

Treat new member with respect.
I’m not a hog

Do not feel persecuted here for a publication, you published in very good faith and that is what matters, nothing leaves a bitter taste on your thoughts, nor are you listed as a pig, just go ahead and do not worry.

All to a greater or lesser extent, we sometimes have publications that are not well seen by other users, we simply post it and nobody can know the reaction of the other users.

Feel free and don’t be tormented. Go ahead friend !!!