Everytime I start my intel-based laptop on, the sound output comes out as scratchy

With my intel-based laptop, if I leave my headphones connected and I either turn on my laptop, or if I put it to sleep and then wake it up while I have my headphones connected, the sound comes out a slightly scratchy unless if I reconnect the headphones. It seems to have on Manjaro as well. It doesn’t happen on my other computer.

It happens to both the linux kernel and linux-xanmod so I am not too sure what is causing it.

I am currently using KDE.

This issue has been happening for a year and a half (that is when I started using Linux).

Edit: Can somebody suggest another good replacement to pulse audio that also contains some sound enhancer as well?

I guess there is some misunderstanding. Pulseaudio per se is not the soundsystem. It is just the upper layer of the whole (very complex) soundsystem. In the end it is just a frontend, which delivers/routes the sound of the underlying soundsystem. Those can be e.g. alsa or jack. To use a different backend than alsa (which is default), you need to install e.g. pulseaudio-jack to use jack (low-latency sound server) for “sound creation”. In this case you will still have to configure jack server.
This is a very simplified description and by no means 100% correct.
If you want to dig deeper, read this link.

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It sounds more like a hardware problem to me. Either a shorted or intermittent connection, or a transistor malfunctioning or even a capacitor not storing charge. It doesn’t sound like a software issue. You’ve run Endeavour and Manjaro and it happens on both. On your other computer (different hardware) it doesn’t happen. It has to be hardware. It’s possible it could just be some dirty contacts in your headphone socket, that happened to a very old MacBook of mine. Try giving the machine a good clean. If that doesn’t work consider a service. Good luck :smile: