Every display manager fails to run, except sddm

I installed Endeavour with KDE-Plasma, but it wasn’t for me, so I decided to remove it with XFCE instead, but I ended up in tty, even though lightdm was installed.
Changing it to gdm didn’t worked either and executing xinit loaded a white terminal in which nothing I can do.
But when I installed sddm it worked just fine.

Changing logind-check-graphical=true in lighdm.conf didn’t helped.

Did I left something from Plasma and now only sddm works or it might be something else.

Also, after starting an XFCE my cursor shows that something is loading.

Just to check: did you enbale-start lightdm.service?


Yeah, I happen to forget about it.
Sorry for noob question.

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No problem! Glad you got it up and running!

And welcome to the community!

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