EU Seeks To Undectably Spy on HTTPS

Here is an interesting post I came across:

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Oh, that’s so great!
They want to legalize crimes they already do…
:clown_face: :earth_africa:

consumer choice


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Its really not that big of a deal I mean in the next few years the internet is going to be nothing but ads anyways so everyone will just go back to reading books. It will be brand new Text on Paper they will call it :rofl:

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Time perspective:

8th November – political (trilogue) agreement sign-off
End of November to mid-December: Council & Parliament votes (both in Committee & Plenary)

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We need some decentralized trustless systems, instead of that mess…

Question to a Brit:
you left the EU, your country would not be part of this power play, right?

They will just end up killing the internet. I mean Corporations are doing it on one side so Governments have to have their hand in the destruction. If its good for the people it must be destroyed.

Let me guess they plan to catch more terrorists and child abusers by being able to read all encrypted traffic?

It isn’t any better in the UK.