Ethernet connection capped at 100Mbps, randomly disconnects

Hello, as the title states i have a connection that can do way past 400mbps, but it is capped at 90ish, Furthermore, it drops constantly after having tried to tweak some settings.
I tried to change the driver from r8168 to r8169 but i still get “link up” “link down” in dmesg,
r8169 said that was due to it dropping from 1000mbps to 100mbps, but then it died again.
This is in general just a nightmare i thought it would not be this hard to use ethernet…

Here are my specs:
I’m using a 20m CAT6 cable, should be more than enough

Nevermind, Learned that my router has some weird configuration with more than 2 cables connected in which one is uncapped and the others are capped to 100mbps, Now I get max speed, But should i stay on 8168 or should i use 8169

First, make sure you have the latest r8168 package in the cache
just in case.

Then uninstall r8168 and reboot.
If the ethernet connection does not work, reinstall r8168 and reboot.