ETA for a new ISO

Any ETA for a new ISO from EndeavourOS? Or at least a pre-release that can be tested and used and more updated than 2021-04-17?

Also… Any chance to include hw-probe in the ISO? This would rocks on HW diagnosis

The best answer is soon. There is an ISO currently in testing. There are many new features as far as calamares is concerned as well as some additional file system choices as well as additional kernels if you want to install more than one on installation. The thing that is currently being worked out is the best way to select mirrors for the installation. One very nice improvement is the fact that current install times have been reported anywhere from 3 to 6 minutes depending on the connection speed on an online install and the amount of options added.

To the live ISO or to the installed system?


We did release a blog post about this:


To the live ISO. This can help a lot by providing and send Hardware info to the cloud so foruns people can see it

Just use inxi. And post the output from a terminal.

You can install software in the live environment.

i see this popping up in some places and it is indeed a nice tool … but also pulling out a lot of information…
And it is in AUR only… may it goes to official repo soon.
also not a huge package:

hw-probe   1.5-1                  0,36 MiB