Errors installing aur apps with yay


I am trying to install timeshift from the aur repository using yay -S timeshift and getting the error:

request failed: Get "": read tcp> read: connection reset by peer

A similar error is returned if I try to install some other apps e.g. deja-dup-git and octopi.

On the other hand, installing paru with this method worked ok, and featherpad looks like it would work too. I’m wondering what might be going on - perhaps some apps repos are simply not available right now?

Edit: Not sure if it’s relevant, but I can browse with no obvious issue.

Edit2: OK so it’s a bigger issue. I can’t git clone any repo without getting connection reset by peer. Yet I can ping and browse using firefox.

I suspect it has nothing to do with which helper you are using or which package you are downloading and it’s success or failure is based more on timing.

It looks to me you are having trouble communicating with aur itself.


Forwards to

Very suspicious. is even blocked on my pihole lol

Insufficient user IQ error. I had cavalierly copied my .bashrc from a different distro into EOS and expected it to work. Something in there borked my command line web access. Restored the previous .bashrc and now we’re golden.


This is what my terminal told me just a minute ago:

[sudo] password for user:          
Listen, burrito brains, I don't have time to listen to this trash.


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