Error with keys while updating

I have followed all the advice & commands here - I can not update.

After sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys I continue to get this error.

Here’s a list of all the commands i have run today from the mentions above.

hmm i am missing :wink:
WKD keys are simply not available if they are not created/used by the maintainer/developer.
by that means the shown error is not causing your issue… it is more a warning.

Can you share the output from your session when you are trying to update?

ah, thanks for checking in.

I retraced my steps. I was not aware that my comment was to an old thread :laughing: and a new one was created.



Gonna close this thread amigo. Thank you!

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there was even no issue in the first place here in this thread… the gpg error was only telling there is no WKD keys for some keys…