Error when copying files (file descriptor)

Hi all

Managed to set up my NAS through fstab to mount on boot.
I can access and read, no problem.
But when I try to copy from it to lets say my home directory I get this error;
‘Error when getting information for file descriptor Numerical result out of range’
That said, I did try to roll back the glib package as per advise found in the Arch forum, but my PC crashed,
and that is why i had to do a fesh install!
Any ideas, comments or suggestions I would welcome and thank in advance.

Can we see what line you are using in your fstab to mount it? Also what brand/model of NAS is it?

I suppose this is related to your other thread: Downgrade glib2

As I said on that thread, a fix for the glib2 is available and you can recompile current glib2 with the patch mentioned in the thread you posted.

EDIT: @freggel.doe has just provided you with a workaround on that other thread. Btw, no need to have two threads for the same issue.