Error online installer on deepin-clutter and deepin-cogl

Today I have made a newly installation with the online installer. I have chosen all DEs excluding LXQt and I3-WM. During the install I have seen an error on deepin-clutter and deepin-cogl that they could not install because of a conflict with clutter/cogl. The rest of the installer was fine.
After the first boot deepin was missing in the list of DEs at the login manager. After installing deepin with pacman and replacing clutter and cogl with the deepin package everything looked fine after a reboot.

I do not know which other DE installed clutter and cogl, but it looks like Gnome. But Gnome and all others DEs are running with with the replacement described above.

Deepin forked it because of upstream issues with cogl later on means gnome and deepin cannot be side be side unles you use kwin


Indeed it is Gnome and Deepin are having conflicting packages. Installer is not able to solve this. But you can do after installed… Usually you do not install different DE’s together, it is possible on most of them but not recommended at all.

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I do have Gnome and deepin running side by side with lightdm as login manager and I do not see errors if I switch between both.
What would you expect that should happen?

OK. I did not see a warning before.

For testing purposes it might be necessary. As mentioned above, it seems to be no problem to change to the deepin forks.

You must’ve had a warning, because in your running system you’d chosen for either clutter and cogl or deepin-cogl and deepin-clutter when you installed it. Once chosen both systems will run without issue. (and both the DEs run on either one of those versions.)

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Yes, I had an error in the install log. But while choosing both DEs in the installer I did not get a warning.

Calamares online installer isn’t really ready for multiple DE installs at once, I was merely referring to the answer you gave on Ringo’s post, but I think I read that post wrong.

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