Error message with pantheon de after update (kicked outta my fav de)

after updating my system pantehon de gives me a error. when i go into it. it says something like oh no something has gone wrong (with a big grey background) or something idk it goes fast i’ll try logining in and getting the exact message next time. it is really weird. i am stuck in cinnamon de now or gnome. currently cinnamon, which isn’t to shabby but i love pantheon de. any ideas?
a screenshot of my new de temporarily… i hope

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please does anyone have any idea?

I don’t know what the specific issue in this case but in my experience, Pantheon doesn’t consistently work on Arch-based distros because they sometimes are not compatible with the more recent libraries available in Arch.

The result is that it may work for a long time and then suddenly be broken after an update.

Also you seem to have a couple of other DE:s installed in parallel as well.
This also may be a recipe for trouble.

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i might try to reinstall with just pantheon de then

Personally, I never install several DE:s in parallel. It has caused me some headache in the past so it’s not worth it.

You may try reinstalling with just Pantheon but as @dalto mentioned above it may or may not play nicely on Arch. I have no experience of it on Arch though.

you were right