Error logs reported to EnOS were reported in error


I didn’t make a post about the issues I faced yesterday lol and the day before when I installed EnOS lol because I found out in the end that the error was not an error but in fact a feature.

I was unknowingly activating the blur lock, which as the name states blurred my screen and locked my computer.

Anyways I just needed to say this as I wouldn’t want anyone wasting their time looking at the logs which I reported to EnOS.

I could ask one question I suppose as I’m writing this. When in the terminal I used the ctrl and - keys and that made the font so small it looked like just a line. but ctrl and + wouldn’t make it bigger. Is that normal behavior too?

If you mean you used the eos-sendlog tool, that just helps send your logs to a pastebin. You would have to give someone the link for them to be able to review the logs.

Depending on the terminal, you may need to hold down Shift as well.

Hi @BluishHumility,

cheers, yep lol that’s what I meant.

All good then.