ERROR: Installation failed: "Package Manager error"

I have tried to install eOS with several desktops, but after a couple of minutes I got a message that the installation failed.

Log here:

Cheers, Manuel

Yes, you can’t install budgie and gnome together

2022-09-11 - 22:19:33 [6]: [PYTHON JOB]: ":: budgie-control-center and gnome-control-center are in conflict" 

It is not recommended to install multiple desktops at the same time.


Thanks. Indeed, I was trying to install all DE to try them one by one.
Offline installation of XFCE worked fine.

I suppose I’ll be able to install any other DE from XFCE anyway…

the best way to test stuff like this is to do it in the VM. this keeps your system clean and you avoid problems. just my opinion on it :wink:

Thanks for the tip, @pycrk. Yes, I will use VirtualBox.

Silly question, though: Now that I’m running eOS with XFCE, would it be possible to install, say, bspwm so as to test it and then, if I don’t like it, uninstall bspwm and have a clean system just as it was before installing bspwm?

And likewise: if I have, say, bspwm installed but I start session with XFCE, is my system “clean” while I’m running XFCE?

Thanks in advance, Manuel

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there is no problem installing a DE next to a WM, I just wouldn’t install a DE next to another DE. I have e.g. LXQT and Hyprland installed and they run independently of each other. when logging in I can choose in my display manager between LXQT and Hyprland. they don’t run at the same time.

you can also have another DE next to a DE, but with a different user. the problem is if you install several DE’s with one user, then there could be conflicts. but if it’s just for testing, I would do it in a VM.

When I say clean, I primarily mean your home directory. when you uninstall packages, they are removed cleanly, but some packages leave configuration files, etc. in your user directory.

This discovery article may be of help:

some packages leave configuration files, etc. in your user directory.

Exactly, this was my fear.

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