Error in installation proces

i get error messages when doing an online install, the offline install seems to work fine but i really need kde.
first error was with the efi partition after that was solved the installation ended with an error 127


Hi @Seven

Can you give more details as to how you are trying to install? Manual partitioning, erase disk, legacy, UEFI, multiboot?


…or even installlog what will show exactly what was failing:
cat ~/endeavour-install.log | curl -F 'f:1=<-'

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i did a manual partition in gparted, i use uefi no multiboot

Not sure what this error is about but a question? When you created manual partitions you said the first error was with the efi partition and that was solved? Did you forget to mark it /boot/efi and /boot? Error 127 doesn’t mean anything to me. So what are the other error messages you are talking about? As @joekamprad has posted you could post the install log also.

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