Error: failed retrieving file 'core.db' from

Was doing a

yay -Syu

and got some errors about not being able to connect to some Arch IPs:

Just my internet connection or something bigger going on?

I also got it, but after doing a

sudo pacman -Syyu

It got resolved.

-Syyu helped but community.db is still giving me a problem:

error: failed retrieving file 'community.db' from : The requested URL returned error: 403

Some times this things happens when the mirrors are being updated, then waiting 20, 30 minutes is usually enough.
If the problem persists, in my opinion, you should check the best mirrors for you using reflector, for example. In the “alias” post there are some examples.

As the Archlinux Repositories are mirrored over a very big amount of mirrors it happens, as @fernandomaroto say that some or some more of them are not in sync with latest updates. It happens also that some of them have issues on their own side, or caused by internetworkinfrastructure and sometimes by restrictions from countries… So it helps first simple to wait, and if issue persist, rank the mirrors to a number of 20 per example, near your place. How to do this?
Use ranking by copy paste mirrorlist from here:

@manuel created also very nice helpers for this:
May included in our repo soon?


I can confirm i had a lot of problems also with the same issue. The data bases would not update. Errors, hanging and slow.

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I commented out$repo/os in

and my next yay update did not have the error message

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That particular mirror has caused issues before already…

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