Error drivers nvidia


i have for the 2nd time this error
drivers nvidia loaded but
nvidia.ko (460.39) does not match with nvidia-modeset.ko (460.56)

i can boot with failback to get videos drivers

Just wondering if todays update may resolve this nvidia driver/setting mismatch issue, see

I had issues with two machines booting to a cursor with the latest nvidia 460.56 I am running nvidia-dkms and i have it set up with the modifications as per the wiki. So i wasn’t expecting to have any Nvidia issues.

I fixed it by reinstalling. If you are using the nvidia-dkms

sudo pacman -Syu nvidia-dkms linux linux-headers

Edit: Today also nvidia-settings version 460.56 came as an update. No issue

Just boot to a tty and log in as root and reinstall as per my post if you are using nvidia-dkms. See if it fixes it.

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If one installs the nvidia drivers together with the standard EOS install, will it install dkms automatically?

I think it just installs the nvidia? I’m not 100% on that but i think so. I used the nvidia-installer-dkms that is in EndeavourOS to install it.

Edit: To throw another wrench in there is another kernel update just now.

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