Error downloading source code: spirv-headers-git not a clone of 'git repo'

ERROR: ‘/home/hedgeg/.cache/yay/spirv-headers-git/SPIRV-Headers’ not a clone of ‘
error loading source code: spirv-headers-git
:: WARNING: no AUR helper found.
:: Please check configuration file /etc/eos-script-lib-yad.conf,
:: and check that the configured AUR helper is installed.

But eos-script-lib-yad.conf contains EOS_AUR_HELPER=“yay” which is already used as packet manager, right?

Probably i need to change package itself somehow? Because of it versions doesn’t match.
2 aur/spirv-headers-git r284.f027d53-1 → 1.5.4.raytracing.fixed.r0.gf027d53-1

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Please show what happens with terminal command:

yay -Syu spirv-headers-git

Use three backticks (```) around the output.

It starts system update (not aur first) with few other packets conflicts.

предупреждение: обнаружена циклическая зависимость:
предупреждение: smbclient будет установлен перед cifs-utils, как зависимость
предупреждение: обнаружена циклическая зависимость:
предупреждение: libglvnd будет установлен перед mesa, как зависимость

After update done it time to aur updates which ends with pretty much same error

==> Сборка пакета spirv-headers-git 1.5.4.raytracing.fixed.r0.gf027d53-1 (Пн 26 апр 2021 12:59:26)
==> Получение исходных файлов...
==> ОШИБКА: '/home/hedgeg/.cache/yay/spirv-headers-git/SPIRV-Headers' не является клоном ''
ошибка загрузки исходников: spirv-headers-git

.cache/yay/spirv-headers-git/ is not git clone of ‘git repo’
error downloading sources: spirv-headers-git

This means that the local copy of the repo is not the same as the remote copy of the repo, so you need to delete your local copy.

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It works after deletion of cache version of repo, thx all.

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