Error 0x80070032 with Samba but only one *some* files

I tried searching and there’s a lot of people with this issue using all kinds of different systems and all kinds of different drives, but never (so far) any concrete solutions… so, futile as it may be, I thought I’d still try.

I share an Exfat formatted USB drive via Samba on EndeavourOS and this error pops up now and then but usually I can just do a “try again” and it works. But on some files it just absolutely refuses to copy them over, regardless of how many times I hit that button (and target directory doesn’t matter and there’s seemingly on pattern with file types either).


Anyone have any idea what could be going on?

This is a Microsoft error message.

Yeah, I guess that’s a big confusion with Linux when you’re a newbie like me. The share is on EndeavourOS, but which I guess is just Arch so I should report issues there instead, but it’s running Samba from some repository and for that I frankly have no idea how to report issues…