Epiphany/Web Beta on Gnome 43

Continuing the discussion from Epiphany getting working YT adblock:

I’m not sure about the YT ad blocker, but Web will soon let you add any extension.

Once I saw that the prerelease of Gnome Web on Gnome 43 will have extension support, I tried the Flatpak with some extensions like Bitwarden, Eye Dropper, but extensions did not show up in the list and I got some errors installing it, so I guess its not ready for prime time just yet.

Even the current Web syncs Firefox accounts, but it isn’t populating the extensions on sync.

Did you @pebcak or @Echoa get extensions working on the prerelease? I found this 5 day old blog on Gnome 43 Web (Gnome changed renamed Epiphany to Web in 2012, but that hasn’t been taken on yet.

It sure looks like something to keep an eye out for when Gnome 43 drops in September. I have the date marked.

PWA may be a thing of the future. I know Web is lacking, but the Webkit rendering and zero Google code appeals to me. I am getting sick of every Vivaldi update as it get more and more bloated.

So do you have any thoughts since the starter thread a year ago?

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I haven’t tried the prerelease version of the GNOME Web yet so I am afraid I can’t be of much help.

It’s ok. It’s not a real contender until it has extension support.

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With this extended capability, I would very much like to use it as just another addition to the “arsenal” of my other browsers.

I quite like GNOME Web but not having the possibility to add more functionalities to it by using extensions has been keeping me away from it. I think I just wait for the arrival of GNOME 43 to have the chance to try it then.

September is around the corner :wink:

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I think it depends one’s point of view and usage, the only thing I really miss on the Web is DRM/Widevine content support, normally in my browsers I just use an extension to block ads.

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A minimal browser that is Chrome-free, with a few extensions, is what Web on Gnome 43 will deliver in September.

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yeah i got extensions working, there are some limitations though

Adblockers/certain privacy add ons do not work atm due to missing bits of the API, i believe this is currently a limitation of webkit more than epiphany itself.

Extensions that do work in my testing

HTTPS Everywhere
Clear URLS

Beyond those idk, the adblocking is mostly ok but is limited due to webkit issues which are a WIP. Epiphany devs would like more robust solutions but they are dependent on upstream fixes/changes coming through in a timely manner. The biggest culprit for bypassing adblock is Youtube due to how content filters work but you can help this with some custom Javascript from adguard which can deal with it mostly.