Epiphany getting working YT adblock

I know Gnome Web/Epiphany isnt exactly the best browser and many dont like it but i thought this was something nice to mention.

Epiphany has had the problem of trying to block YT ads because webkit really kinda sucks at this but it looks like it might actually do so now with this MR https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/epiphany/-/merge_requests/1000

I like Epiphany personally because its one of my few options for PWA besides Chrome/Chromium these days since FF dropped it. I also like the UI but thats personal taste really. I tried Canary but this doesnt seem to be in the latest available Canary build. Im crossing my fingers this made it for Gnome 41.

I hope Epiphany can actually become a nice alternative for Linux users at some point, a Chrome/FF only world isnt one i particularly like so lets hope lol


I think its actually supposed to be in 40.3 but it didnt seem to be working. If you want to test it enable Use Custom Javascript in preferences or dconf in /org/gnome/epiphany/web/ called enable-user-js

You can then put this in as your custom JS


and now it seems to be working properly


Thanks to your topic I have started to have a second look at Epiphany.
I have already implemented the custom JS in the browser and will be taking her for a sailing on www. Gracias!

Epiphany isn’t the best when you’re looking for fast rendering but its very good at html5, JavaScript, CSS, and media decoding.

Definitely keep an eye on it and ones like it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for explaining further! I will surely be using it from time to time to see how it works. I use Firefox as my daily. And as you mentioned, I like also the idea of using PWA.s through Epiphany. The only thing is that I didn’t find a setting for automatic deletion of cookies, etc when you quit the browser.

there isnt one to my knowledge unfortunately though i could be wrong. Some of the more specific settings end up not in the UI and youll have to explore using something like dconf editor but i dont recall seeing that.

Yes, that seems to be the case but it’s alright. I’ll have a look at dconf-editor as well to see what things are there “under the hood”. Thanks again!

another tip is to use a different content blocker list tailered for Epiphany

This one provides better tracking protection and such

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That’s great! I just wanted to ask you about the possibility to add other content blockers since I saw that there was some setting for it in dconf-editor. Nice! I’ll have a look.

you can add different blockers but webkit has an upper limit on number of content blockers. Itll let you add as many as you wish but itll stop working entirely with too many

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Ok, good to know! I am just starting to get to know it. I’ll happily and gratefully receive all the suggestions.

Im thinking there might be a decent amount of blocking doable through JS thats outside of the Epiphany maintainers scope. Talking about that too much may make this less of a lounge topic though so idk. Im trying to see how Ublock handles things but im not familiar enough with JS to be 100% but might try hacking something together.

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I saw this on ArchWiki


biut those are .txt files. Will that also work?

no the content filters need to be in json format now the arch wiki is outdated there

I thought so too that it was not quite right about that.
I’ll be adding the one you linked too. If you come up with something I’ll be grateful if you would share.

I wouldnt wait up at night for that lol, best i might manage is a hack job which my zero knowledge of JS makes that difficult.

If youre interested in how the content blocking works and limtiations this is about safari but pretty much applies to Epiphany which works very similar to Safari and is identified as safari by most pages i visit that demand exclusively chrome/chromium for specific features

No, but first thing in the morning :wink:

Thanks for the video link! I’ll have a look!

Good night!

also trying out the extensions beta and most of the privacy addons dont work yet unfortunately (or ever maybe). Theyre working towards having FF extensions work but this is pretty new.

The blocking of hyperlink auditing in ClearUrls seems to function though

EDIT: nevermind i tried it without the extension and its just part of Epiphany


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