Eos-welcome seg faults

I was using default desktop manager from the offline installation and I was going through the welcome tool to look at extras but I went and change my manager and I can’t reopen eos-welcome

/usr/bin/eos-welcome: line 370: [: too many arguments

(yad:1840): Gtk-WARNING **: 12:33:27.805: GtkSocket: only works under X11

(yad:1840): Gdk-WARNING **: 12:33:27.807: ../gtk/gdk/x11/gdkwindow-x11.c:5633 drawable is not a native X11 window
/usr/bin/eos-welcome: line 474:  1809 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) yad --plug="$handle" --tabnum="$tabnum" --form --columns=2 --image=gtk-save --text="<b>Installing EndeavourOS to disk</b>" --text-align=left --field="Initialize mirroring!!Initialize mirroring system":fbtn 'bash -c yad_InitializePacmanMirroring' --field="START THE INSTALLER!!Start the EndeavourOS installer":fbtn 'bash -c yad_calamares' --field="Release info!!Info about the latest release":fbtn "$_BROWSER https://endeavouros.com/download" --field="Installation tips!!Installation tips":fbtn "$_BROWSER https://endeavouros.com/docs/installation" --field="Troubleshoot!!System Rescue":fbtn "$_BROWSER https://endeavouros.com/docs/system-rescue" --field="Partition manager!!Gparted allows examining and managing disk partitions":fbtn 'gparted' &> /dev/null
/usr/bin/eos-welcome: line 474:  1810 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) yad --plug="$handle" --tabnum="$tabnum" --form --columns=3 --image=dialog-question --text="<b>Find your way at the EndeavourOS website!</b>" --text-align=left --field="Web site!!https://endeavouros.com":fbtn "$_BROWSER https://endeavouros.com" --field="Wiki!!Featured articles":fbtn "$_BROWSER https://endeavouros.com/wiki" --field="News!!News and articles":fbtn "$_BROWSER https://endeavouros.com/posts" --field="Forum!!Ask, comment, and chat in our friendly forum!":fbtn "$_BROWSER https://forum.endeavouros.com" --field="Donate!!Help us keep EndeavourOS running":fbtn "$_BROWSER https://endeavouros.com/donate" --field="About me!!More info about this app":fbtn "$_BROWSER https://endeavouros.com/docs/applications/welcome-greeter" &> /dev/null
/usr/bin/eos-welcome: line 474:  1811 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) yad --plug="$handle" --tabnum="$tabnum" --form --columns=2 --image=dialog-information --text="<b>After install tasks</b>" --text-align=left --field=" Update Mirrors!network-server!Update list of mirrors before system update":fbtn 'reflector-simple' --field=" Update System!system-software-update!Update System Software":fbtn 'bash -c yad_SystemUpdate' --field=" Change Display Manager!gdm!Use a different display manager":fbtn 'bash -c yad_ChangeDisplayManager' --field="Package management!!How to manage packages with 'pacman'":fbtn "$_BROWSER https://endeavouros.com/docs/pacman" --field="AUR $_and yay$_exclamation!!Arch User Repository info":fbtn "$_BROWSER https://endeavouros.com/docs/aur/yay" --field="Hardware and Network!!Get your hardware working":fbtn "$_BROWSER https://endeavouros.com/docs/hardware-and-network" --field="Bluetooth!!Bluetooth advice":fbtn "$_BROWSER https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Bluetooth" --field="NVIDIA users$_exclamation!!Use NVIDIA installer":fbtn "$_BROWSER https://endeavouros.com/docs/hardware-and-network/nvidia-installer" --field="Forum tips!!Help us help you!":fbtn "$_BROWSER https://endeavouros.com/docs/forum/how-to-include-systemlogs-in-your-post" &> /dev/null
/usr/bin/eos-welcome: line 474:  1812 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) yad --plug="$handle" --tabnum="$tabnum" --form --columns=3 --image=system-software-install --text="<b>Install popular apps</b>" --text-align=left --field=" LibreOffice!$libreoffice!Office tools (libreoffice-fresh)":fbtn 'bash -c "yad_Install libreoffice-fresh"' --field=" Chromium Web Browser!$chromium!Web Browser":fbtn 'bash -c "yad_Install chromium"' --field=" Firewall!$gufw!Gufw firewall":fbtn 'bash -c "yad_Install gufw"' --field=" Bluetooth Manager for Xfce!$bluetooth!Blueberry":fbtn 'bash -c "yad_Install blueberry bluez-utils"' &> /dev/null
/usr/bin/eos-welcome: line 474:  1840 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) "${notebook[@]}"

Thanks for the report.
To be able to reproduce this behavior, could you tell

  • the version of the welcome package (pacman -Q welcome)
  • which manager did you change to which?

So the more exact steps you can tell, the easier it is to reproduce here.

In addition, could you show the output of command

ls -l ~/.cache/sessions

The version of welcome is 1.10-3
And I believe that I clicked the top most manager in the window. I did this on the 21st.

ls -l ~/.cache/sessions/
total 28
drwx------ 2 user user 4096 Oct 14 13:46 thumbs-endeavor-lap:0
-rw-r--r-- 1 user user 5848 Oct 21 12:15 xfce4-session-endeavor-lap:0
-rw-r--r-- 1 user user 5845 Oct 21 10:43 xfce4-session-endeavor-lap:0.bak
-rw-r--r-- 1 user user  383 Oct 21 10:43 xfwm4-2797bff73-edba-478f-b8aa-51c852ef04a8.state
-rw-r--r-- 1 user user  248 Oct 21 12:14 xfwm4-29a513113-5f70-48ad-9d4f-ba0a4199f2e5.state

So I’ve updated to welcome 1.10-4 and it still seg faults when I try to run it from terminal

It looks like you clicked on gdm maybe? @manuel It seems like it may be running wayland instead of x11?

Edit: “GtkPlug only works under X11” Is this relevant?

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Yes I did click on gdm. Typing GDK_BACKEND=x11 eos-welcome opened it right up allowing me to go back to lightdm. Thank you for that

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No problem. Glad to help! :enos: