EOS Welcome scaling w/ Wayland+HiDPI

Running KDE on Wayland with a small HiDPI monitor scaled to 200%. EOS-Welcome is coming up tiny. export GDK_SCALE=2 makes it scale properly. Plasma is configured to let X11 apps scale themselves.

Not sure if this is simply a problem with my config?

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The welcome app is using yad to implement the GUI parts. Unfortunately yad is currently not working fully with wayland.

So if GDK_SCALE helps with the scaling issue, you can write a simple welcome wrapper file into /usr/local/bin/welcome and make it executable with these commands:

su                 # get root permissions
cd /usr/local/bin  # go to the correct folder

echo 'GDK_SCALE=2 /usr/bin/eos-welcome "$@"' > welcome
chmod +x welcome
ln -s welcome eos-welcome  # create also new eos-welcome

This should work, but please note that I didn’t test this fully, so it may contain bugs…

Thanks for the reply. After a reboot and an update to Plasma 5.27-1 it’s too big! So I had to remove the env variable.

I suspect I was unknowingly caught up in this mess.

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OK, nice that you got it solved! :+1:

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