Eos Update Notifier doesn't appear to be working?

Since a week or two i didn’t get any notification that there has been any update. When i check the “status”. The trigger just seems to “reset” after it should have triggered and that’s it. When i click on “operation test” however the notfier seems to be working as it should. Any clue what’s going on? DId i just miss the Popup? If so shouldn’t it appear under Messages (using KDE) as well?

Have you tried updating using pacman?

If there are no updates available, fix your mirrorlist.

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I usually just type “yay” to update the system. I did so yesterday and it worked fine. When testing the notfier via operation test it also showed that there are updates available. So i think it isn’t the mirrorlist .

Do you have a file /etc/eos-update-notifier.conf.pacnew?

Can you show the output of command

cat /etc/eos-update-notifier.conf | eos-sendlog

There are other programs (like @Kresimir pointed out) that can handle updates, which means an update notifier is not really needed. Especially because on a rolling system updates are very frequently available, typically many times a day.

However, I’d recommend using command

eos-update --aur

for updating.
And option --aur is needed only if you have installed software from the AUR.


no that etc/eos-update-notifier.conf.pacnew doesn’t exist out put of the other file Here

Thanks for the link, it looks OK to me.

Can you show another output:

cat ~/.config/systemd/user/eos-update-notifier.timer | eos-sendlog

here it is https://0x0.st/H0Xu.txt
guess that looks normal as well. :confused:

It is set to notify once a week, and not persistent.
What that means, see

man systemd.timer

But as said before, running a proper command mentioned above (e.g. once a day or week?) should be reasonable as well.

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ty that makes sense. One more though what means persistent in that context? What would it do if i set persistent to true?

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If true, it will catch up missed runs.
For example, if you set the check period to 5 hours and shut down the machine for 7 hours and then boot, the next check will be executed immediately after the boot.

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try launching eos-update-notifier-configure - that let’s you set up the notifier with the help of a GUI.
The mouseover information for the “Persistent” Box says, that when enabled, in case a check is missed, it is immediately done as soon as it is possible again.

For me, I set the notifier to hourly, there is no need for “persistent” as it will check soon enough anyway. I have also set the “check always after system startup”


ty guy’s i’ll try different settings and see which works best for me :slight_smile:

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