EOS update broke Qtile

Since yesterday’s update, when I input my password at the login stage, the login page returns endlessly. When I do qtile start from the terminal, I have the following error: Backend 'x11' missing required Python dependencies: xcffib

There was a Python update recently.

Try installing the dependency manually:

sudo pacman -Syu python-xcffib

When I did sudo pacman -Syu python-xcffib pacman told me that the package should be ignored. I installed it anyway and rebooted. I still have the same issue, but now the error message is different.
See: https://paste.pics/QU7UV

It’s because you downgraded python-cairocffi and python-xcffib back in October, and you added them to the Ignore list in /etc/pacman.conf:

Edit /etc/pacman.conf to remove them from the ignore list.


Thank you @Stagger_Lee. I commented the line you mentioned in /etc/pacman.conf, updated EOS and rebooted. Now everything works fine.

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Thats some Sherlock tier investigation :male_detective:




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