EOS United removal and a general language category possible?

I just saw the topic “EndeavourOS united will be removed…” and that the topic was closed but I did want to make a suggestion. First, I want to say that, though very new to this forum, I’ve been impressed by the way it is so very positive and helpful. Even so, I have to admit it hasn’t always been clear to me where in the categories available I should post an issue. For example, if I have a networking issue, a networking category would be great. Old timers here probably know exactly where to post networking issues, but it’s not clear to me. On the other hand, I find it great to have a whole section dedicated to desktop environments. Other Linux forums don’t have this.
Anyway, back to the EOS United removal. I am a native English speaker so posting in English is not going to be a problem. But I do work in other languages, installing systems for people, particularly in Japanese, which I speak, but occasionally, believe it or not, in languages that I don’t speak. Recently, I set up Chinese input for an English installation for someone and I could really have used some help.
I can’t imagine I’m totally unique. There must be others that could use help working in or with languages other than English. What about setting up one forum (not a whole section) for language issues, perhaps under “General system”? That could include help with installations in languages other than English as well as adding bi-lingual or multi-lingual functionality to an English installation or even posts in languages other than English that are relevant only to that language. I wonder if anyone else could find such a category useful.
Just a thought.

The problem is that posts in other languages don’t get the right attention. It has nothing to do with the number of categories.

The reality is that we have a core group of friendly people who provide 80% of the help. It makes more sense to ask the single person who needs assistance to use a translator than to ask all the volunteers who can potentially help to do so.

Don’t worry about it overly. If it gets posted in the wrong place, someone will move it.


And I salute and thank every one of them. :saluting_face: :pray: