Eos-sendlog supports more pastebins


eos-sendlog received support for more pastebin like services today.

How was it implemented

The support was added by integrating the wgetpaste application into eos-sendlog. wgetpaste comes from an Arch package wgetpaste. Our integration uses a slightly modified package, wgetpaste-eos, which tries to use https instead of http if possible.
Note that you need to install wgetpaste-eos manually for it to work.

How to configure it

All in all, wgetpaste provides support for several different pastebin services. You can configure which one to use in file /etc/eos-sendlog.conf.

The following terminal commands provide help about wgetpaste:

  wgetpaste -h   # shows general usage help
  wgetpaste -S   # shows which pastebins are available

With the help of these commands you should be able to edit the mentioned config file (if needed).


You might set the variables like this:

  # file: /etc/eos-sendlog.conf

  WGETPASTE_OPTIONS="--nick nobody --service bpaste"