EOS - Pretty good yeah

With the end of Win-8.1 in a month or two, I stuck four Linuxii on my old toaster: two Debians, one RHEL clone, and EOS (and removed Win).

I think I like EOS the best. Go EOS!

Owww but, Neverwinter Nights (Steam) keeps crashing after a little while, slow memory leak is my guess. Better than Ubu though, it just black-screens. I’ll try lutris, just installed it.

Go good everyone, get back anytime,


Welcome to the forum @mitchd :enos: :enos_flag:

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Welcome aboard, have fun in this great community. I also have Windows 8.1 running on one of my old laptops that I bought at the time, and its support will expire next year. however, I have already installed EndeavorOS alongside it, so I don’t want to install it in another instance. So Windows 8.1 will either remain as a memory, or I will replace it with another Linux distribution.

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Welcome to the EndeavourOS!

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Welcome @mitchd

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