Eos-pacdiff Pacdiff & meld from eos-welcome problem

I’m running btrfs on my installs and this is in my fstab.



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I told you I might have change something, but you wouldn’t listen !

No seriously I’ve no idea how come the noexec option.

I came across that line reading optimization section of the wiki and running findmnt /tmp

The tmpfs directory must be mounted without the noexec option, otherwise it will prevent built binaries from being executed.

And, yes, otherwise, as joe mentioned, it appears it is not necessary to have an fstab entry as tmp.mount systemd unit takes already care of it.

Okay … but this is related to makepkg. :thinking:


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no, no, yeah, i was just saying i checked tmpfs because i was reading that section, unrelated at first :sweat_smile:
and this is the part where it says systemd takes care of the mounting

Under systemd, /tmp is automatically mounted as a tmpfs, if it is not already a dedicated mountpoint (either tmpfs or on-disk) in /etc/fstab.

But yeah, wasn’t investigating the eos-pacdiff problem at this moment, just crossed my mind.
So, yeah, dunno where the noexec is from… :space_invader: :alien:

Thanks a lot guys for your help!

You should probably be the one granted with the solution @ricklinux has it is probably a modification from the installation… but… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I know without a doubt @joekamprad is more knowledgeable about this than me. I just assumed you have changed something along the way that has caused it. Maybe? Maybe not? :man_shrugging:

Edit: I just know that i don’t make certain changes or many changes on an installed system. One of the things i never do is change file permissions. I have no need to just as an example. Have i ever? Sure but only when it’s necessary and i know exactly what I’m changing and why. I may have done it a couple of times in all the time I’ve been using Linux. I’m more of an install it and use it type of user.

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same here…

one good practice for a simple mind like me would be to log those changes…

in the end, as is almost always the case, @pebcak is often the one with the solution! :sweat_smile:

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i am okay with it, I am not here for the stars :wink:


ahah I bet :slight_smile:

on this matter, is it possible to credit different posts/users for a solution or not at all ?

You are a star! :star:


Would be a cool feature … but i bet Ctrl + select solution/S is not there

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