EOS over openSUSE next to Windows

Thought I’d present this to the community before venturing off on my own, just to get ideas. At the moment have an old Dell laptop with a no longer supported version of openSUSE Leap dual installed with Windows 10. Basically I’d like to install EOS replacing openSUSE while keeping Windows. When booting the computer with whatever boot menu appears there should be the choice to boot either Windows or EOS, but no left over references to openSUSE. What might be the best way to proceed here?

Use the replace partition option in the installer and choose the opensuse partition.

Thank you. Sounds pretty straightforward. Assume this will use the swap partition and EFI system partition already set up and not create new ones, as well as remove openSUSE references on boot. Pretty clever if it does!

The installation went well. However booting stalls on “loading initial ramdisk” for quite awhile, almost a minute. Is this normal for an old Lenovo with 4G RAM or could it be a problem with the EFI partition? Booting does continue as normal eventually and I’ve come across no other problems as yet.