Eos notifier questions

notifier and welcome gui dismantled in my new lxde install (I coulda done it).

but. I only miss the “core components got updated dude, you should probably reboot” notice which I had timed for about 20 sec in the lower left once upon a time when I had budgie endeavour and the gui.
according to this

I can config 1 of 2 files and I get to pick.

Since I am sans GUI, my question is simple: how do I get my “core components got updated dude, you should probably reboot” back? what does lxde endeavour notifier default to that I should edit? this file eos-script-lib-yad.conf or this one eos-update-notifier.conf? I can see them both.

thanks. and where to uncomment the “dude core components” part and the lower left part and the 30s part?

edit: forgot to say thank you. thanks for any clarity.


so I did dust off the old disabled Welcome screen, buried in the binaries, and apparently (see pic 2) was able to manually enable notifier (I did this in terminal a couple days ago) but it doesn’t matter because -Syu is usually the first thing I do on boot…
…but nowhere did I see the “core elements reboot now dude” reminder-config-enable-vernacular stuffs.
Will wait and see.