EOS no longer showing up in boot manager

FIXED, I just chroot and reinstalled kernels.

Hello! I’m so glad this forum exists. I’ve been dual booting EOS with Windows 11 for about a week now. Last night I shutdown from EOS and when turned my PC back on today, only Windows 11 showed up as an option.

When I boot into the firmware interface it shows windows and linux boot managers

And if I boot into the live session I used to install EOS, I see the fat32 boot and ext4 eos on my second ssd /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdb2

Did you set the boot priority to Linux boot Manager? That will probably boot it with the proper menu. :thinking:

Edit: Oh you already fixed it? Sorry, didn’t get that at first.

You should probably add your edit as a comment and set it as the solution so that it is easier to find for others in the future.