EOS Influence growing?

I think there is only one thing to do there - in the Welcome give an option to discover them BEFORE you install. ie: an lspci - or whatever is useful, walked through on demand for those who DON’T know already… followed by a choice on install. A mini-wiki on kernels BEFORE the choice is offered might make sense too. It would leave you with happy users even MORE often, perhaps? Those who ‘know’ - or think they do (like me at times) can just dive right in and still be happy :grin:


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That sounds logical, but from experience we know that people don’t read those before installing. I often see new users over here and on telegram, making claims and proving they have never seen the website before. The best example is the Distrowatch review from the May or April release.

Release announcement, website info or wiki?!? Never saw that, but this is what I think of EndeavourOS and that is what the devs should change…
Forgive my rant, but it is something we simply can’t change, people are hitting that download button and then click to install, look at the average vlogger, a lot of them are dismissing the welcome app the second it pops up. This is also a part of what makes it difficult to know what to do best.

We are still trying and figuring out, we’re not giving up.


Hmm - some social engineering required here…

How about, IF and only IF you read the suggestions, discussions, and explanations THEN the choices are enabled in the version of Calamares they run? :grin: There should always be a bonus for those who do happen to RTM, after all! I don’t know if it’s possible, but it sure sounds like a good idea… Basically can you pass a “smart user” flag to Calamares to enable the options page? Or, can it have more than 1 option page (one for DE’s as now, one for “extra customization” for smart users?

Like all great ideas - this one probably creates more work for you devs - so never mind!


I think ArcoLinuxD iso has been doing this for a while now, what I like about EndeavourOS is that Xfce version has a minimal install. ArcoLinuxB Xfce is like 1080 packages

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The real inovation of EOS is, in my opinion, the fact that it was made by users & not developers. There seems to be a gap between devs & users. Plain users are more aware of what they find to be missing & so what implementations they would like to utilize.
I do believe that we will be helping with new ideas just like the MX Linux guys have been doing.


The impression I get of the EOS ethos is to be as unbloated as possible, then people should engage their brains and google to add to it with the backing of a helpful community.

I think that’s a great niche and you shouldn’t feel threatened by other approaches.

I feel like less is more because you build your own system from a solid base. Interestingly in the switch emulation community EOS is the linux distro of choice.


I found the Arcolinux site/complexity overwhelming when looking at it, the many personalised scripts made me concerned I wouldn’t be learning pure Arch, and diving into the preferred iso/DE would probably mean encountering a lot of previous scripts that would be mystifying. Clearly passionate about Arch and documenting that, which is great, especially for those who want to understand every DE and build isos. All the information collated into a well-presented general Arch course could be good, without the different stages/DE isos and scripts, but would be a lifetime’s work, lol, and I think even then he must be a lot less than half way through it all. :rofl:

eOS brings lots of DE options, and keeps things clear and simple, which makes people feel they can explore and share and learn. Awesome! And, yes, clear documentation is so much easier. Nice pictures too I always like, lol.

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Mayby we need a system designer that does before calamares :slight_smile: but just in calamares must be enabled :slight_smile: