EOS, Gnome & Cursor Lagginess

DE hopping: Went from Xfce to KDE to Gnome. Since turning over to Gnome, cursor lags. Can’t find an answer to this on the net.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I’ve purged Xfce and KDE (as far as I know).


Do you use ‘X’ or Wayland ?

that can differ i think : https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-shell/issues/749

gnome uses standard wayland

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I also have it under Xorg, although less than under Wayland (I don’t like using Wayland.) I think this has to do with the system resources Gnome uses.
Plasma (this is my only reference, since I use that one on another machine) works much leaner and is more responsive in that area, because it uses way less system resources. This is just my opinion and not proven, I like both of them, because each of them have their good points for me.
I’d like to say that I hope that the upcoming Gnome release will improve this one, but this bug has been there since a couple of releases.

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Hi @ringo. I started off using Xorg. I just logged in using Wayland. I think Xorg might just be a little smoother. I just read that thread, and yeah, I can see the difference mousing around on the screen. I’m going to switch back to Xorg once I answer @Bryanpwo. Thanks for the heads up. Shame!

Hi @Bryanpwo. I see what you mean! I logged in using Wayland, and the lag time is pretty bad! Going back to Xorg now. Thanks. I wasn’t aware this had been an issue as of late. Never had this problem before; not even under Antergos when it was a thing.

It was there, but you didn’t notice.

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