EOS for Education : Suggestions Needed

i thought a good education distro for children was always lacking. this triggered me.

can you guys suggest packages you will install for your children after the basic EOS install (or) any other EOS DE/WM of your choice.

note: I have bought a rpi 400 for my boy. however, i am not happy with the default OS. Wanted to change to EOS and did too and then, it feels i am missing something or the other (Scratch Programming for example). let us keep it for another topic for now.

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I think apps from mentioned in that article KDE educational suite would be a good start.


Stellarium. - Not only for kids, although I think it fundamental for them, too… (remember, some grown-up people still think, the earth might be flat in the occident, as well as in the orient, even in the days of the internet):

Marble is a second one, I’d recommend for a general orientation on who we are and where we have been:

And there are, of course many OSS projects, to learn from, such as LenMus for a basic musical education, e.g.:


Also, some FOSS eLearning platforms could be mentioned here:

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depending on the age my kids loved gcompris thats indeed for little poopies :wink:


What Edubuntu achieved can also be done on any OS, considering the installed one has KDE.
You can include all those packages on your OS as well.

But which package children need solely depends on :
  1. Their age group
  2. Their interest
  3. The interest which parents/guardian want to develop

When I was in school, our science teacher’s PC was having Linux Mint as OS. In that PC, all the necessary software like office, VLC, image viewer, etc were installed along with some of the application which was needed for his subject.

My personal recommendations will be :

  1. Sagemath ( My favorite )
  2. Stellarium
  3. Kanagram for basic vocabulary, as English is not our mother tongue
  4. KAlgebra
  5. Knights
  6. KBlackBox
  7. KAtomic