EOS first install, no wifi networks visible


I have just installed EOS and have gotten into a bit of mess. The wifi drivers aren’t either installed or working.

Just so you know, yes, I have searched for an answer, but since I am new to Arch based distros, I do not know how to fix this myself.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Did Wifi work in the live environment?

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WiFi seemed to be missing there too. I didn’t find any options named WiFi, even in the Network settings.

So, you did an offline install and now you’re running Xfce and when you click on the network settings, nothing shows up?
Could you make a screenshot of it?

We need to know which wifi card you have to know which drivers you should have installed.

Can you paste the output of inxi -Faz (as text), e.g. by using an Ethernet cable?