EOS Community + Arch Wiki = Happy noob

Here’s just a bit of an appreciation post for y’all thumbsup
I don’t think I’ve seen a tech-based community as great as this one. They always seem to be elitist, or in some other way bad… coming from Manjaro was definitely a huge step up. I might not have posted here much, but in the few interactions I have had with y’all, you’re great.
The Arch Wiki too, I was going through old posts on this forum for my niche reoccurring problem with a Bluetooth adaptor I’ve had… look at that, someone knew the exact page where the solution for it would be, I just needed to scroll down to that section, the solution worked first try. Now I need to see what other hardware I’ve got laying around and see what I can do with it evil (god forbid drivers)
Thanks for being helpful, y’all <3
~~Sydney with her weird emojis


Awesome, and welcome. We’re glad to have you here as part of the community.


Gobble Gobble!

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It definitely is a good combination. :hugs:

There have been others, one in particular that comes to mind used to be quite good. :grin:

I hope you’re going to be re-using those images instead of re-uploading them every time and duplicating content on the server. :wink:


Thanks for the kind words & vote of confidence. The devs definitely have done a great job. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face: