EnOS stopped working

EnOs KDE Plasma had stopped working.

My system is here.

Try lightdm instead of sddm.

With the USB installer and arch-chroot you could do that.

But if that doesn’t help, then please give us some logs about X.

Use ctrl+alt+f3 to get to a TTY, login, review the logs to see why it failed.

Where would the logs be?

Which logs are needed? journal, journal.last and journal.2last or more?

systemd and xorg.



systemd-analyze blame?

journal https://pastebin.com/6m9ZhQJt
journal.last https://pastebin.com/6tkrzkya
journal.2last https://pastebin.com/xUw1dF9D

/usr/bin/sddm: error while loading shared libraries: libicuuc.so.63: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

The most likely cause of this is that your system is partially updated. Ensure you don’t have anything in ignorepkg in /etc/pacman.conf and update your system from the TTY.

sudo pacman -Syu

Can’t update.

Are you connected via wireless? If so, use the command nmtui to connect to your wireless network.

The system is up to date. How do I install that missing dependency libicuuc? Or should I try to install lightdm?

pacman -S icu

But it shouldn’t be possible for it to missing in normal circumstances.

A broken icu will effect other things. You should definitely fix the core issue here.

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It is working again. Thank you very much!
Why this icu got uninstalled is a question.

It shouldn’t be possible to be uninstalled unless it was forced with pacman -Rdd.

There are other explanations though. Disk corruption, accidental deletion, etc.