EnOS on T2mac

Evening or Morning all,

Had some good experiences today installing EnOS with i3 but came to the realization that I’m not quite worthy of a tiling window manager yet so have settled for xfce and I’m really liking it lol.

I did notice one thing which was that whilst running i3 on my macbook air (2019) the cpu temps were around 75-80C and now on xfce they’re nicely at 50C.

I would have thought that a tiling manager would be less strain on the computer no?

Right, not necessarily. It depends on many running things, power management, you name it. There are some small tilling window manager, and some with more power consumption. So, i3 is not necessary configured to save energy, but to give you another experience. Maybe you could manually install and activate the same functions as in XFCE are pre-configured, but in your case it wasn’t.

Yeah makes sense, I just assumed and was surprised when I checked btop in xfce.

I hadn’t (lol attempted) to apply the fan fix on either. I’m just about to try that now on this xfce install because… Sincerely just Woow.

lol I’m in love. Thank you so much to all the devs who worked with T2linux to get EnOS up and running on macs.

lol Yrs and Yrs back I was watching a film (aint got a clue which one) and on the table there was a macbook pro looking so slick, then the camera zoomed in and I could tell it was running linux.

Living the dream right now. As long as I can keep it running that is lol.