EnOS installer - do I need to check for warnings after automatic update?

Hi, question about the EnOS install process:

To my understanding, the EnOS installer will automatically update the system at the end of the install (my system was up to date when the installer had finished). Let’s say that the latest ISO is a couple of months old and that some updates may need manual intervention (like a .pacnew file etc), should I check some install log to find more information about such potential problems…?

If you are doing an online install everything is updated to current regardless of how old the installer is. The only difference would be the version of welcome included. Which you would update in the installer anyway. Offline XFCE is the exception. That is a hard image of when the installer was created so that would need, depending on the age, possibly quite a few updates.


Thanks, I was considering an online install.

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Ok and you would be correct in the case of an offline install. You would be wise to check and see what if any manual interventions came down from Arch since the time of the installer images creation.

Good to know, now I realize that the online installer automatically downloads the latest packages and is not upgrading any existing stuff. I guess I should have figured this out, it’s an online installer after all :slight_smile:

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the online install process we do create for calamares is not what usually will be used on calamares, as the common way is to first install from an image offline and then update, w edo implement (replicate) the way arch is installed from archwiki, so it is a complete netinstall, first using pacstrap and then installing packages for the DE’s on top with pacman, and at the end proceeding needed configurations.