English home folders with russian language option in calamares

Hi guys! I recently encountered a problem with russian translated home folders.

When I’m choosing russian language in installer, it is automatically sets folders like Documents, Downloads and so on to automatically be translated to russian.

How can I set russian language in my system but keep folders in english?

The folders are set with the first login, so if Russian is set as language it will set this automatically indeed.
If you set English as language (keymap can be russian) it would set them to English.
And also if you set language to Russian after this, it will ask next time if you want to change or not.

I am sure it can be reset too… not sure how at the very moment.


LC_ALL=C.UTF-8 xdg-user-dirs-update --force


Will do the trick… could be it leaves empty old Russian folders after this. But files will be in English folders, so you can simply remove old ones…

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