Energy Saving not working since Plasma 6 update

Since the update to Plasma 6 I have some weird problems with monitor dimming.

Normally my monitors would dim after a couple minutes, but if I move the mouse - they would go bright again. But since the Plasma 6 update they only sometimes return to the full brightness. It seems random, sometimes they will just stay dim, the actual brightness of my monitors will drop from 70 to 20, or 18, or 12.

I thought I should check the settings in the Energy Saving menu, but another surprise here - it does not even open. After trying to open the settings - I get this error in my journalctl:

I’m using basically a default Plasma 6.0.1, on a PC if that makes any difference. Does anyone have an idea what could I do here? :confused:

It should open, mine does.
There is a long standing bug report (with little/no action) about not restoring the brightness properly after dimming. I am also affected by this and have confirmed the bug.

Not too sure but, does the same issue occur on x11?
As a side note remeber plasma 6 is very new and they are being swamped by bug reports at the moment. Perhaps install openbox/i3 etc and use them in the mean time, the next update may fix this
EDIT again, does the same happen with a new user?

For me, yes, it happens. It was a known bug before Plasma 6.0 branch.
As far as I can tell, it’s only AMDGPU.

If this is the case I would suggest @Kamilkime ask one the KDE forum

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Yeah, I am using X11, I had some other problems on Wayland some time ago and decided not to change to it.

Well, I use an RTX 3060 Ti, so it would also affect nvidia.

Ok, I’ll do that then, thanks!

Have you tried it with a wayland session?

Hmm, here’s the one I had in mind. Does it apply ?

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Unfortunately it’s hard to tell - the dimming bug shows up only sometimes, I won’t be sure if it works ok on Wayland or just didn’t appear that time :confused:

I think it might be related, I’ve added my comment to this bug, thanks!

I’ve also created a thread on KDE Forum and got a response. Looks like they are aware of those bugs and are working on repairing them. If anyone has a similar issue with inaccessible Energy Saving menu - it’s a problem with disabled sleep option, the powerdevilrc edit suggested by jpetso helped!

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