EndevourOS Wifi < Win10 Wifi Speeds on Same Network

So about a month back or so I installed Port master on my machine which is a DNS control panel type app to block and allow certain types of traffic to your machine. Here’s the home page for it for whoever might be interested.

My settings on the app are set to allow all necessary outgoing traffic but to severely limit or block incoming traffic so as to keep the system more secure overall. Thing is, I’ve had these settings on for about a month but only in the last week the EndeavourOS drive suddenly has consistently slow internet. Like we are talking…at best pages take 10 seconds to load and at worst they load in a minute 30 seconds or so.

Meanwhile, I have a Windows 10 Drive that’s separate from the EOS drive via baremetal that is browsing just fine with highspeed loading times on all websites and virtually no issues at all. Is Portmaster the issue here? And if not then why is it that EOS is running so slow online?

Have you also looked at your browser, it could be an extension causing this issue.