EndeavourOS united will be removed from the forum on 1 July 2023

When we started this forum, the category EndeavourOS United was there from the get-go. The vision for this native-language category was to make it easier for people who have difficulties writing in English to ask for support.
Now, four years later, most native-language areas are hardly used and if it is used, the response to those threads is merely from non-native members who use translation tools to help out the community. So, it would make more sense if the individual uses these tools to translate the post into English instead of the other way around.

This sounds like a rigorous decision, but the most used language area is German, the other language areas are practically not used.

To streamline the moderators’ tasks and to give running threads time for closure, we are going to remove the entire category on the 1st of July 2023.

EDIT 19 June 2023: given the number of German-speaking members and therefore the only fast-responsive language area by its native-speaking members, we have decided to keep the German language area going on.


Makes sense to me!


We can help anyone using translators if there’s a problem!


For a moment, I thought the full forum was going to be closed. :man_facepalming: (I must be also blind, since I clicked on the wrong Reply button. It is better I go back to sleep. :sweat_smile:)


Nice decision, I speak English and ugarapul, but much prefer English to type in as 99.9% of people dont even know it’s a language, if not more



I wonder if there might be a button to translate the forum perhaps?
I just care even if there are only 2 users in country x who feel comfortable with their home language it would be a good plus if possible.


I almost thought the same, glad i always read the post first

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There is, but it’s THAT translation app most FOSS users don’t like, that’s why we don’t ship it :wink:


I was referred to this translator by @pebcak.
yesterday we had talked about a topic of mine in German. He presented this little addon to me .
Very fine, very useful.
No need to get a built-in translator. I don’t think I speak only for myself


I am french and always posted in english, never used the french forum, but I don’t really understand why these native-language forums have to be closed. It was just a possibility for a few people who are not comfortable at all with english.


We often see that such questions don’t receive a response and if they do, most of the time it is answered by a non-native member using a translation service.


I understand. They can translate anyway!
Thank you.
Just keep up the great work you are doing.

seems like a fair decision, optimizing resources is mandatory nowadays; besides, translation technology has made giant leaps compared to four years ago, so it’s unlikely that people will face a significant challenge interacting with this community


Tbh I don’t really care. Yeah, everyone can use translation tools easily those days. But on the other hand I don’t see any real advantages by removing this sub forum. So whatever…

Yeah, I had to look that up!

Gurumba bigi! (I hope that’s correct)


That’s right :+1:

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Since this is an announcement , I’m closing this thread just to keep it to the point. :wink: