EndeavourOS United - change language names

Wouldn’t it be better if name of country will be in actually this country language? Like instead of German - Deutsch, Polish - Polski etc.
It would make more sense for person who comes in here and doesn’t understand English. And also I think that it will be better for SEO in that particular countries.

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hello,I’m French, I do not mind that the forum is in English

@JR29 I think you missed the point - I’m Pole and I also don’t mind, but United section is meant to be language specific - so we should assume that if someone want to ask question in his native language, then he/she has some trouble in speaking english, and it would be easier for him/she to navigate to native lang section.
I think I saw this practice many times, and it’s logical for me that country names should be in that country language.

Zgadzam się z Państwem , gdy potrzebuję tłumaczenia , przyjmuję tłumaczenie z żakami lub z powrotem

You’re free to change it, as you can see the only languages that are active are Spanish, German and Russian. They are led by the members who also translate the Announcements.

Haha, nice one :smile: Google still has lot to learn. Actually before edit it was better. Some of us (me for instance) don’t use google by default because of privacy concerns :slight_smile:

@Bryanpwo I don’t think that polish is going to be superb active ever, but even one user whom itay help is is good for translating annoucments :slight_smile: I can handle this.

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May I do not see it but I see no way to change category name for users @Bryanpwo

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Oops, my fault!

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The experience is that if there’s an article in the language of that forum section, it will attract people. Nice to offer your services to translate the future announcements. Thank you.