EndeavourOS Terminology terminal keybindings issues

Hello guys,
I have been using EndeavourOS for about a year now and I love it so much I have settled for it being my daily driver. Without a doubt this is so far my favourite Arch based distro.
However I ran into an issue that is annoying me so much for the past 3 months that I decided to post a question on the forum.
I am using Dell XPS 13 with EndeavourOS - XFCE, and Terminology terminal.
And this is the only Terminal where I can’t find a way to set the ctrl+backspace keybind to work.
No matter what I try, Every other binding I can set without issues. However this one I can’t figure a way to make it work for the love of god. They recently changed their webpage, and the in-depth documentation is gone. So I was wondering if any of the EndeavourOS users here is using Terminology and has ran into the same issue. Or if someone was bored enough to check it out and see if they can help an annoyed brother out :D.

Thanks in advance,

Oh and I forgot to mention.
The default binding in Terminology is alt+backspace.
And I am able to kill it or to change it to any other key combo besides ctrl+backspace.

Should this key combination mean delete word backwards them try Alt+backspace.

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Oh yeah, alt+backspace works fine.
I just cant set the bindings to ctrl+backspace.

Not sure that you can. :thinking:

Use Ctrl + W

It’s a bash keybinding, so it will work across different terminal emulators.

He wants to use ctrl + backspace :thinking:

If that’s the case, the only way to do that is to configure the readline library to rebind Ctrl + W to Ctrl + Backspace (since apparently Terminology doesn’t provide a way to configure its keybindings). This can be done via the .inputrc file.


I don’t recommend this, since it will affect every program that uses the readline library. It’s easier and more practical to just use Ctrl + W for everything.

I’m not one of these linux users that do any of this. :man_shrugging:

Yeah, I was hoping that was not the case :smiley: ,
I thought that maybe I missed the configuration somewhere and decided to ask You guys.
But I would rather use the default bindings or change the terminal emulator, than to change settings globally.
Welp, thanks guys for looking into it.
I hope You all have a nice day ^^