EndeavourOS Sway VM on QEMU/KVM is super slow

Recently, to try things out before I switch from KDE to Sway, I created a VM on QEMU/KVM with virt-manager. At first, it was as fast as I would expect, but after restoring snapshots, it seemed to get slower and slower to the point that it would seize up every few keypresses. Has anyone else had an issue like this? The snapshot was close to a fresh installation so I’m fairly sure that nothing I did was the cause of it as far as I am aware.

Sway no work good in Vm . wayland in general no work good in vm .IMO


I figured it was something like that since I hadn’t had this issue when VMs of running other versions of EndeavourOS or other Linux distros. Thanks a lot for your answer!

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you welcome … if you try i3? sway edition work nearly same , i use it now on pi4 write this


Thank you. I’ll consider it if I need to run an EndeavourOS VM again but I currently don’t have a need to do so.


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