EndeavourOS review

via Linux News ( https://goo.gl/Xa2mzf )

Nice review and praises.


Wow! That is a really nice review of Endeavour. Even though I look at other Linux OSes to see what they have to offer, I have no desire to switch. Endeavour is a perfect fit for me.


Me too!


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There are more and more articles about EOS. These may slowly be posted on the distrowatch.com EOS subpage because there is only one review there.


Great review, and kudos to the all of you for making this happen, especially the forum. For me that is the biggest selling point of EndeavourOS.


that’s what we are and our unique selling point 100% !


The video (loc 5:40) states that “EndeavourOS is a terminal-centric Linux disto and it does not offer a graphical user interface out of the box” (end quote).
That part is somewhat confusing.

I think Arch Linux is what out of the box doesn’t offer a graphical user interface. However, EOS is not Arch Linux.

No, it’s not, but it’s everything good about Arch linux with a much faster and less annoying install. Which basically means it keeps everything GOOD from Arch, and gets rid of (what is IMO) all the bad.

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I agree. EOS is a more user-friendly version of Arch.

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