Endeavouros/paper-icon-theme : icons are missing

After one of the last updates, I think the one that updated endeavouros/paper-icon-theme icons, some icons from Thunar and XFCE settings are missing. Please check the following screenshots :
Arrows PREVIEW, NEXT, PARENT missing
Borders “-” and “+” missing

This issue is solved by changing endeavouros/paper-icon-theme 1.5.0-2 by aur/paper-icon-theme-git 832.aa3e8af7-1

Thanks for the report!
We’ll check this as soon as possible, but it may unfortunately take some time.

By the way, how long have you been using the git version? And do you have any other observations about the reliability of the git version?

I ask this because I’m slightly nervous about changing to the “bleeding edge” version of a theme, which is software that should be reliable (so that it will not crash the system after any update). Of course no program is perfect, I just wish to analyze this case.

You’re welcome @manuel. I’ve only been using git version for a week.
But why not banish that icon theme and come up with a more modern or more beautiful one ?

Hi @manuel,
Since 27 march I’m using paper-icon-theme-git, every things work fine : no observation.

Thanks for the info!
Don’t know when we decide on this, but at least now we are preparing a new release and I don’t think it will be possible to change paper-icon-theme for that.
But let’s see after that.

we do install this additional for the arc-x-icons as a dependency for it (to fill some missing icons)
source for both versions are the same, the non git version only using archive file from github…

git version:

standard AUR version (same as enos)

The standard AUR version uses latest release 1.5, but this is from 2018, there are a lot of changes to the repo since then but no new release… https://github.com/snwh/paper-icon-theme/commits/master

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