EndeavourOS on VM - partition size?

Okay guys,

I finally decided to try EndeavourOS but on a virtual machine first.

What’s the minimum recommended hard disk size for this?

I use 18 GB on virtualbox with no issues. Depends on what you need. I’m only testing it so i don’t need too much space.

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I have 3 versions installed in VM, Gnome, KDE, and OB, each using 20GB (default KVM) HD. In order they show 13GB/68%, 11GB/57%, and 6.9GB/37% use. Though I don’t have a lot installed, the OB is probably the closest to what you would see after initial install.

It still comes down to what DE/WM you install, how much free space you want, and what programs you will install to test on it. Hopefully the numbers above will help you decide on those points.

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Also just to note, it’s pretty trivial to start over if you find out you created a virtual disk of the wrong size.


If you use the btrfs filesystem with compression, then you’ll need less space than e.g. with ext4. Depending on what kind of files you have on disk, btrfs compresses some tens of percents from the needed space.

For example, the default Xfce installation without any additions takes about 4.6 GB on ext4. With btrfs the same takes about 3.5 GB.

Another thing that can help with the size calculation is how many partitions you create. You can use only one partition, which makes partition size design very easy.

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Keep in mind that some image file types like qcow2 can start at a very small size and grow as it is filled.

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What is brtfs filesystem? Are there any disadvantages compared to ext4?

I created a 18GB disk partition for this and installed practically every DE available on the installer. After running system updates, Dolphin reports 53% disk usage.

By “WM” you mean the Windows Manager?

Explained with links here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Btrfs
And more: https://discovery.endeavouros.com/?s=btrfs

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That is correct.

I may have more installed than I thought…

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